Jo Bichar Gaye Wins Hearts & Minds!

You can tell how much people really love a drama if it’s still one of the top trends on Twitter 2 days after it’s episode aired, which is the case with GEO’s super fresh narrative Jo Bichar Gaye.

With Rumi seeing his own revolution turn into mutiny, the drama has truly left us speechless in it’s treatment of the subject and in portraying the way people struggled back then. The cast too has done impeccably well with debuts that have left us impressed and Wahaj and Maya’s intense roles as Rumi and Sonia, the drama is a treat to watch. And we’re not the only ones impressed by it, tweeple too have been lauding the drama and the actors as they trend the hashtag #JoBicharGaye on Twitter:

And here’s what they’ve got to say!


Ah, we know right!


It broke us!

Shots were fired:

People were obsessed with the OST:

People were living for it:

Pls pls pls!

That’s Wahaj for you:

And he’s served!

People found it to be Netflix worthy:

People were also sharing how necessary this narrative was:

Have you been keeping up with Jo Bichar Gaye? Let us know in the comments below!


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