Javed Afridi Drops An Idea Of IPL vs PSL Faceoff For COVID-19 Fundraiser & People Are Feeling All Sorts Of Ways!

You can always count on Javed Afridi and his brilliant ideas when it comes to cricket. From signing Ertugrul famed actors for his Peshawar Zalmi franchise to building one of the finest PSL teams, the man has never disappointed us!

And today he’s shared with the world a wild idea for a COVID fundraiser between IPL and PSL at UAE:

And cricket fanatics have a lot to say about his proposal:

Ambassador Mohsin Durrani was fully on-board:

Retired Ireland cricketer Nial John o Brien was pumped!


People found the idea entertaining:

Fans were already imagining the matches:

People were loving the idea:

Fans were excited!

People were insisting him to move forward with the idea:

People wanted to know if everyone was on board with the idea:

People had even better ideas!

Don’t we all?

Hahaha, kinda agree!


Some thought it’d create nothing but chaos:

Some weren’t too amused with the idea:

True that…

Some straight up rejected the idea:

Some people were furious:

Some had questions:

What do you think about this proposal? Let us know in the comments below!

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