It’s Raining Memes After Twitter Bans Donald Trump!


Twitter permanently banned President Trump from it’s platform for citing violence at the U.S. Capitol this week, robbing him of the megaphone he used to communicate directly with more than 88 million supporters.

And it’s raining memes on social media:

Hahaha, bilkul pata nahi chal raha:

They did, and it’s iconic!


It’s never too late:

Hahaha 😂

People were sad!

Haha, going back to the OG:

People were sharing what Trump must be doing:


People thought it was about time this happened:

People were calling it a historical moment:

Hahaha, so apt!

Y’all’s safe!

People were calling it the best news of 2021:

People were sharing Trump’s reactions:

Even Osman Khalid Butt was shook!

They did it!

People were calling it a great time to be alive:

Uh oh:

What do you think about twitter permanently banning Donald Trump’s account? Let us know in the comments below!

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