Its Lata vs NFAK Debate On Twitter Today & You Don’t Want To Miss It!

Every day on twitter, someone decides to spark a controversial debate and everyone jumps in to give their 2 cents on the matter. And today, it’s Lata Mangeshkar vs Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on who’s the bigger artist…

And people have strong opinions:

Some believed in NFAK supremacy:

Some found it to be a terrible question:

People had their theories:

People felt that the two couldn’t be compared:

There were some who believed Lata was bigger:

Some believed NFAK left us too early to be compared:

Some were straight up appalled at the comparison:




Yeh cheez!

Jo baat hai!

We think we have a winner here?


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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