Is It Okay For A 49-Year Old To Marry An 18-Year Old? Pakistanis Debate!

The news of Aamir Liaquat marrying the third time and that too, an 18-year old has sparked quite the controversy on social media. Some think the motif behind this sudden revelation was to downplay the news of Tuba’s khulla, some are calling him a pedophile, some questioning the girl and some churning the funniest memes. Taking to Twitter, comedian Shehzad Ghias shared how the age difference among the two was unsettling for him, he also referred to his wife as a child:


And the debate has begun!


People were not in favour of calling her a child:


Shots were fired:


Welcome to the club!


People were sharing how everything that’s legal is not necessarily ethical:


People were pointing out how he mentioned the age himself:


People agreed it was a young age:


People were sharing how this is a normal occurrence in Pakistan:


People were calling him a predator:


People were in disbelief!


People were calling her a child:


People had strong opinions:


People had questions:


People were putting up comparisons:


People were sharing how the girl is the age of her kids:


People were not having it:


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