India Vs Pakistan: Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Tweet Creates Havoc On Social Media!

Iqrar ul Hassan, throughout his career, has remained one of the most unproblematic celebrities in the industry but his recent tweet has created a havoc on social media!


Taking to twitter, Iqrar ul Hassan compared the electric trains in India to buses in Pakistan:

And the netizens stood divided, some furious and some in his favour. The tweet bought him so much backlash that at one point, the hashtag #IqrarQoumSeMaafiMaango was the top trend on Twitter:

People were not expecting this from him:


People wanted him to think wisely:


People were questioning his patriotism:


People were angry:


People were showing him the true face of India:


People found his tweet to be disrespectful:


People were disappointed:


People found the comparison to be petty:


And while he was getting a ton of backlash, there were people who agreed with him and were out there to support him with the hashtag #WeSupportIqrar:

Ali Zafar came out to support Iqrar:

Shoaib Akhtar wanted people to concentrate on the context of the tweet:


Kamran Akmal found nothing wrong:


Actor Imran Ashraf too vouched for Iqrar:


People weren’t happy with the hate he was getting:


People were sharing how it was wrong to disregard everything he’s done on the basis of one tweet:


To further add context to his tweet, Iqrar quoted another tweet comparing the two countries where he shared that he only meant to highlight the stark difference so people can get more competent:


To prove his point further, he shared the currency difference between the two countries:


He also urged Pakistanis to think of a solution rather than trending hashtags on Twitter:


What do you think about this whole fiasco? Let us know in the comments below!

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