Iman Ali Thinks Feminism Is Celebrating Womanhood Rather Than Women Trying To Be Men, & The Debate Is On!

Iman Ali has never shied away from speaking what’s on her mind, with years of experience under her wing, the veteran model and actress appeared on Iffat Omar’s show a while back and gave a rather explosive interview:

The old clip has been resurfacing on Twitter, and people find themselves divided over it!

People were calling the discussion useless:

People wanted her to step out of her bubble:

People were just not okay with her take:


People were guessing their reasons:

Her term actor-ism had people dumbfounded:

We don’t know 🤷‍♀️

People explained what feminism is:

Many thought her privilege was showing:

Haha, nope!

Shots were fired:

Women wanted to know how they can celebrate themselves:

And while many disagreed with her stance, there were many who shared her beliefs:

People found her take to be beautifully put:

People were calling Iman ‘beauty with brains’:

People were lauding her for coining the term ‘actorism:’

People were loving her take:

Her take made sense to many:

People loved her words:

People found her take to be spot on!

What do you think about this clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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