Iconic ads that we all grew up watching!

Somewhere between dentonic to ding dong to telefun ads we all grew up! Today we’re taking you down the memory lane with ads that you’ll fall in love with all over again!

1. Ding dong

I mean are you even a 90s kid if you dont remember the ding dong ads by heart?

2. Dairy Milk

Another jingle we’ll never forget!

3. Don Carlos Service

Probably one of the coolest ads we saw as kids!

4. Naz Pan Masala

Meri muthi mei band hai kya? Bata do na! A jingle that we still remember!

5. State Life

An ad we all loved singing back in the days!

6. Cocomo

7. Telefun

In the age of all numbers being in your phone, this is the only we remember!

8. BP Mask

Remember how we all felt like superheroes after we wore this mask?

9. Dentonic

Million dollar smile ke liye sirf Dentonic!

10. Motly Foam

An ad that lives even today!

Which ad has been your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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