“I am a Sherni! You Step On My Tail, I’ll Bite Your Head Off” — Nadia Hussain Growls Back at Trolls

Pakistan has a huge trolling problem, and it’s time we accept it. There’s hardly a day that goes by without a celebrity being hated upon for no rhyme or reason, and it’s quite a sad sight. However, with the increase of lewd comments against them on social media, many stars have now started clapping back in the same manner with Nadia Hussain being the feistiest of them all!

We’ve seen the former supermodel being hurled a litany of hate since a while now, but it seems it has gotten to a point where Nadia’s really giving it back to trolls in the way they deserve – ice cold!

It all started when a video surfaced of the model giving a live makeup tutorial, where she was being heckled. She’s then seen replying back in the video, in the same intensity as the comments she received.

“Yes, you’re also very pathetic, just get lost,” she’s heard telling one troll.


Nadia has since also taken to her Instagram to address the issues in many ways, which includes some discussions where she advocates hitting back at trolls in the same way.

The model criticised the way trolls have continued to spew hate.

The model has long been clapping back at the trolls, but it seems now, she’s really bringing it to their level.

“How dare do you say all of this?” Nadia exclaims in one of the videos.


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. . YES YOU!!!!!!! 👊🏼

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Diva also got in touch with the supermodel regarding the constant hate she received, and needless to say, Nadia did hold back in saying what she thinks about the trolls.

“I’m like that Sherni! You step on my tail, I’ll bite ur head off,” Nadia claimed. “I think enough of people thinking and saying ‘Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna.’ People can say whatever they want but not on my page! They need to understand the limits.”


The model then posted a message on Instagram, where she made it clear that if someone’s going to mess with her, they better be ready to get it back tenfolds.”

“Be it that I’m the b***h telling them off, but they need to stay away from my den,” she told Diva. “They can bark in the outskirts.”

There you have it, folks, don’t mess with the best!


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