‘Humara Culture Humara Miyan Hai,’ Sadaf Kanwal’s Definition Of Culture Has Netizens Confused!

If there’s one celebrity couple that blows the audience away with their problematic takes, its Sadaf and Shahroz’s, and they’re back with yet another confusing take:

And people have way too many questions:

People were still trying to find the connection:

People wanted her to see things for what they were:

People were already filing petitions:


Someone fixed the audio 😂

Meesha Shafi also took a dig at Sadaf’s problematic take:


She meant that it’s good to know how to babysit Sherry:

People wanted Sadaf Kanwal to think twice before speaking:

People were sharing what they saw growing up!


People had questions!

People were throwing shade at her:

Sherry meri baat suno!


At this point, even we are confused!

And while majority of the people disagreed with her, others were on the same page as her:

People were loving her reply:

People were lauding her:

People were happy to hear her stance:

There was love and appreciation:

People were wholeheartedly agreeing:

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