Here’s What Pakistanis Think Of Getting Names Embroidered On Dulhan’s Dupatta!

Even amid the pandemic, the weddings in the country have been in full swing! And a common trend among these weddings is getting ‘XYZ ki dulhan’ on nikkah dupattas, as if people attending wouldn’t have known the man’s name.

Seeing a rise in the trend, a twitter user questioned the need for such dupattas:

And the internet stands divided as usual, here’s what people had to say:

Some knew what they wanted:



People wanted girls to de-normalize it:


People were comparing how men would never wear something that says ‘XYZ ka dulha:’

Don’t give them ideas yar:

And while some found the trend to be cringe-worthy, others didn’t mind it:

Live and let live!

It’s the bride’s happiness that matters:

Umm, okay.

What do you think of this trend? Let us know in the comments below!


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