Here’s Everything That Esra Bilgic Can Be An Ambassador Of With Her Instagram Photos!

Pakistanis have been living for brands that Esra has been an ambassador of, from Q mobile to Mobilink Jazz, the obsession is real!

And keeping in mind that very obsession and love that Pakistanis have to offer, we can’t help but think of so many brands that Esra can nail being the ambassador of based off of her Instagram feed.

1. Servis

Shoes for everyone!

2. Lux

Bus, zara sa Lux!

3. Hashmi Kajal

For eyes that speak volumes!

4. Sunsilk!

Looking at those lustrous locks, Esra would make a gorgeous model for Sunsilk.

5. Velo

Looking at the amount of fun she’s having, we’d definitely think this was a Velo ad, maybe a little bit of ‘main te mera dilbar jaani’ playing in the background and voila!

6. Asim Jofa Diamond Gallery

The fact that she’s wearing real diamonds here makes it so much more legit!

7. Veet

Just veet it!


Despite the backlash Esra got on this picture, it’s perfect for a modest lingerie campaign!

9. Safi

Safi se khoon saaf, chehra shadab!

10. Tapal

Toh ho jaye phir? Tum main aur ek cup chai!

11. Surf Excel

Kyunke daagh toh achay hotay hain!

12. Elan

Don’t know about you but we definitely think this looks like a BTS teaser from Elan’s upcoming collection!

13. Sprite

Judging from the sweat in the picture, Esra could definitely use some Sprite to beat the heat!

14. Liberty Books

With so many books to choose from, even Esra is having problems decide!

15. Coke Fest

The red in the picture definitely reminds us of the iconic Coke Fest display!

16. Generation

Looking at how funky the background seems, Esra in this picture would qualify as the perfect Generation girl!

17. Sana Safinaz

The bandanna, the beach, the sand, it can’t get any more Sana Safinaz than this!

18. Always

Need we say more?

What brands do you think she can be an ambassador of in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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