Hassan Ali might be the jeeja 2.0 and the internet is living for it

The internet has been going crazy ever since the news of Hassan Ali’s marriage started floating after a sports journals tweeted out the date and schedule for Hassan Ali’s nikkah and rukhsati:


And the internet was desperate for a confirmation! Within no time he hashtag #HasanAli was trending at number one on Twitter:


People were ecstatic!


And excited:


Behnoi mubarak, parosiyon:


Congratulations were pouring in from fans:


Haha, memes about Hasan Ali joining the club were winning the internet!


Warm welcome, eh?


The larki waalay however couldn’t handle another jeeja:


Jeeja 2.0:


Hearts were broken:


People had questions:

Insert ss


People couldn’t stop joking about India becoming a maamoo, yet again:


And Shoaib Malik made it to the memes too:


People were sending love and best wishes, and also hoping it wouldn’t affect the performance:


Some couldn’t believe it:


Pictures of bhabhi-to-be were shared but turns out it wasn’t the Shamia we were expecting:


The pictures being widely circulated belong to a YouTuber who’s married and has a kid too!


Fake accounts were made in the name of Shamia Arzoo:


Shadi hui nai aur assumptions already shuru:


Many were posting what the Indian reactions would be like:


Some were calling it a ‘surgical strike:’


The debut of the jeeja jee:


Hasan Ali soon came forward to clarify that they were still in talks about it and nothing is confirmed as of now:


But people weren’t buying it:


Reactions were put forward:




People were comparing how Pakistani cricketers were winning (the hearts of their women :p)


People were also posting how the Indian nibbas were feeling:


I think we all know why:


Are you excited about this wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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