Hair Colour maintenance – Tanzeela Hashwani

We all love our coloured tresses, but maintaining them can be a little confusing. Which is why we’ve asked Tanzeela Hashwani to share her best kept tips & tricks on maintaining coloured hair.

  1. Always use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner it will keep your colour last longer.
  2. If you’ve gotten your hair highlighted, you must get glossing done after every 12 to 15 washes to keep your hair colour from turning into unwanted brassy tones.
  3. Before you get any styling done, make sure to use heat protectants on your hair. Excessive use of heat can cause the colour to fade quickly and will also make your hair dry and brittle.
  4. Regular hair protein can also help to keep your natural hair texture intact.
  5. Wash your hair with cold to slightly luke warm water, no matter how cold it gets. Washing your hair with warm water can make your hair more porous and dry while stripping off your hair colour.
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