Gym Bag Essentials

If your new year’s resolution was to hit the gym more often, now is the time! Here’s a little gym bag checklist to make sure there’s nothing stopping you from giving your 100% at the gym.

A gym bag

I mean, duh! Carrying all the things in your hands will ensure you miss one thing or another, plus it’s so annoying. Invest in a comfortable and practical gym bag as per your liking.

Trainers, active wear and socks

This goes without saying, having the right trainers can make or break your workout regime. And, if you don’t want your trainers smelling like shit then don’t forget to throw in a few pairs of socks in your gym bag. And your workout clothes, I mean duh.

Water bottle

Nobody likes running to the water dispenser every 10 minutes, make your life easier by carrying your own water bottle to the gym.

iPod and headphones

If the music at your gym doesn’t match your taste or rhythm, carry your own!

Energy bars

When there’s no time to grab a pre-workout snack, munch on a few energy bars to keep you going as a pre or post workout boost but do not make it a habit though.

Personal Hygiene Items

Carry your personal hygiene items in your gym bag, especially a deodorant at all times because no one really likes to smell bad. You can throw in a comb, wipes, lotion, sanitizer, pads, extra pair of undies and extra hair ties just in case you need them.

Membership Card

Sure, the people at your gym may know you by face but it’s always a god thing to have your membership card in your bag every day.

Extra workout clothes and bags

Mishaps can happen anywhere and at any time, always carry a pair of spare clothes and bags to keep your dirty clothes in.


Never trust the towels at the gym, NEVER! Make it a point to carry your own towel to the gym and do not share it with others, because ewww.

First Aid Basics

Even though your gym may have a supply of first aid basics, it’s always good to be prepared. Make sure to keep some band aids, antiseptic pads, muscle relievers, blister pads etc.


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