Father Asks His Son To Beat Up The Old Man Who Scolded Him, Nation Outraged After Video Surfaces The Internet!

A video of a father telling his son to beat the elderly man who scolded the son has surfaced the internet where the hardly 10 year old kid can be seen slapping the old man over and over again while the father threatens and humiliates the man verbally. The video is reportedly from DHA, Karachi:

The video has outraged netizens and they want the father to be arrested!

People were losing faith in humanity:

People were sharing how this kind of upbringing will come back to them:

People were calling him the future Zahir Jaffer, Noor Mukaddam’s murderer:

People were disgusted:

It surely will:

People were hoping the father would meet the same fate someday:

People wanted the perpetrators to be behind bars:

People think they deserved public lashing:

People were sharing what the Holy Prophet (SAWS) left us with:

People had questions:

People were angry:

People wanted the nation to boycott the family:

People were tagging the officials to get their attention:

People wanted the duo to pay:

ZQ appealed that the Sindh Police look into this matter:

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