Farhan Saeed just called out the Indian singer Salim Merchant for stealing his song Roiyaan


Farhan Saeed who is celebrating his birthday today was sent a clip of a song which has an uncanny resemblance to that of his song Roiyaan that he released back in 2014:


Farhan Saeed accused the Indian singer Salim Merchant for plagiarizing his song Roiyaan:


Farhan Saeed also continued to say how people who call themselves artists have the audacity to blatantly copy songs and release them under different name, in this case from Roiyaan to Haareya:


Farhan Saeed also threw major shade at the artist saying:

“Karna hi hai to pooch ke kuro aur ager poochna nahin hai to at least acha to kuro!”


He ended his tweet with the hashtag #StopStealing. The singer Salim Merchant replied to Farhan calling it a mere coincidence:


Salim Merchant also stressed that he’s never plagiarized anyone’s work and has a clean track record with Sulaiman Merchant. Farhan also believed it could have been because of fact that they shared the same lyricist Kumaar:


Salim Merchant then suggested that Farhan checks in with their lyrcist Kumaar, and also assured him that had he heard Farhan’s song first he would have gladly made changes in his composition and ended the tweet hoping that Farhan would understand:


Fans stood strong with Farhan and agreed that it was indeed a copy of Roiyaan, that too a bad one 😂


Fans assured him how no one cam beat his original number:


Many called the Indians ‘fail artists’ who thrive on stolen work:


People were shocked at the revelation:


Some suggested that Farhan sues the duo:


Some dug up an old tweet from Salim Merchant, which in this case is simply ironic:


People were feeling bad for him to have to go through this on his birthday:


People were pointing out how India had lost it’s originality long time back:


People were lashing out on Bollywood for being the dheet nasals they are:


Fans of the Indian singer too were sad to find out about the plagiarism:


And while both Farhan and Salim have somewhat addressed the situation, there has been no word from their lyricist Kumaar.


What do you think about the similarities between the 2 songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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