#DivaLoves: A round up of the best posters from Aurat March 2020!

Yesterday was nothing less than revolutionary as women and men from all walks of life came out to march for women. A number of marches took place all over the country and the turn out was insane! Despite the march being hijacked in Islamabad the spirits of these women did not even flinch! And today we’re sharing with you our favourite posters from the Aurat March!

This handmade shirt has our heart, so simple and yet so impactful:

All that matters:

Mahira Khan winning us over, yet again!

Why should we be paid less for the same work?

Straight up facts!


Consent matters, every single time:

To all the innocent women who were murdered, abused and tortured for not bleeding:

Mubarak ho, Allah ne Rehmat se nawaaza hai:

Some very strong ones from Quetta:

Say no to domestic abuse:

And that’s all a girl should be:

Jaidad mei hissa humari haq hai!

Our heart ❤️ https://twitter.com/NajibShaikhs/status/1236613397862629378?s=19

Because biwi ko importance dene se uske ghulam ban jaatay hain:

Hum toh boleinge:

For all the introverts who stepped out:

Shayad ab samajh ajaye lougon ko yeh baat:

It’s as simple as that:

And we have a winner:

What posters did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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