Alif is going to end soon and the internet is not ready for it!

With Alif entering it’s last few episodes, people can’t help but love the journey that Alif took them on. With Momin finally finding out Husn-e-Jahaan’s side of the story via Sultan, the drama has always kept us on edge and we’re just not ready to part ways with Alif yet!

The bar is set very high:

Every Saturday Momin makes us cry:

Jo baat hai:

Oof, couldn’t have been said more beautifully:

I don’t think we’ll ever see a couple as amazing as Momin and Momina:

It leaves most of us wondering:

If this drama doesn’t convince you how great of an actress Kubra is then we don’t know what will:


Husn-e-Jahaan 💔

People were sharing their favourite dialogues:

The layers every character has in the drama is brilliant!

Alif >>>> PSL:


Humari Momina ❤

This scene gave us goosebumps!

A character that the industry will remember for years to come!

I swear every dialogue in the drama is so beautiful and impactful!

People were upset how Alif didn’t get the hype it deserved:

Momin and the things he was going through, heart wrenching:

Don’t take Alif away from us 😭

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