Diva Jukebox – 10 Songs That Made Us All Swoon This Week!

After a lull in music releases in the last few months owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s tons of Pakistani music out there now to enjoy! Be it through various different platforms or through the kaleidoscope of newly released singles, there’s a lot to love right now, and Diva is obsessed!

But, which songs really left all of us wanting for more this week and had the highest views on Pakistani social media?

Diva Jukebox explores…


Uchiyan Deewaran – Bilal Saeed & Momina Mustehsan 

After the major success of its first version, Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan have released their second part of their song Baari, which this time, has been titled Uchiyaan Deewaaran. 


Musafir – Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar is definitely one of the highest rated singers in our books, and this song proves it. Musafir is unique, and has a brilliant flow, which we’re sure everyone loved as much as we did!


Kadi Te Has Bol – Atif Aslam

Leave it to Atif Aslam to prove he can do no wrong. This rehash of the song Kadi Te Has Bol had us swooning like no other! What’s not to love? It’s right in all the ways!


Gagar – Umair Jaswal

Umair Jaswal never fails to bring out a uniqueness to any song he touches, and this rendition of the classic Gagar shows that. We bet you won’t be able to stop grooving to this.


Allay – Ali Zafar

Tis’ the season of covers, and we love it! Ali Zafar plays to the tunes of the Sindhi classic Allay Munjha and we absolutely are mesmerised. He’s took it down the pop route, and people love that!


Nai Marna – Ali Noor

Ali Noor is totally a pop sensation we could never get over, and songs like Nai Marna prove it for us. This had us on the repeat button for a while!


Magic – Shamoon Ismail

Leave it to Shamoon Ismail to make us fall in love with him even more! His words are like Magic and this song just tells the truth with its title!


Karachi is Love – Young Stunners

Young Stunners continue to make us obsessed with them, and this TVC is proof. Everyone in Karachi, or those who love the metropolis couldn’t stop listening to this even through it’s been a month to its release! That’s called popularity!


Suno – Abdullah Qureshi

Abdullah Qureshi continues increasing his popularity with everything he puts out there, and Suno is yet another example of it! Croon to this, and we bet you wouldn’t stop doing so on repeat!


Te Quiero Mucho – Aima Baig

You just can’t compete these days with Aima Baig and even she knows it! Each song she’s putting out there, has a unique flair to it, making Aima one of the most loved singers out there right now! With Te Quiero Mucho, she’s only added to that fame even more.


Which song did you love this week? Tell us in the comments section below.

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