Culinary Delights: 7 Pakistani Food Bloggers You Need to Follow for Mouthwatering Posts!

While Pakistan is known for its vibrant culture and rich culinary heritage, there’s still a wide range of dishes and flavours that the rest of the globe hardly knows about. Luckily, that’s where our plethora of food bloggers come to the rescue! Not only are they telling the world what Pakistan and its great culinary range is like, but they’re also  making sure people fall in love with their personal approach to it all.

From traditional dishes to fusion cuisine, these bloggers showcase the best of Pakistani cuisine with stunning photography and videos that will make your mouth water…


Hamza Bhatti

A name that has become increasingly popular thanks to his personality and the way he talks about food, Hamza Bhatti is on everyone’s radar at the moment! If there’s any type of unique culinary delight out there on the streets of Islamabad – and these days, Karachi – you can be sure Hamza has made a video about it!



Bringing a personal touch to food blogging, Riffat Rashid aka GirlGottaEat is a humble abode for those looking for unique recipes and reviews of all things delicious. From experimenting with snacks to making sure she remains en-trend, GirlGottaEat is definitely a gluttonous delight to follow.



Perhaps one of the most followed and spoken about people of the culinary industry in Pakistan,  restaurateur Adeel Chaudry aka TheStylishGravy brings one of the most interesting approaches to food blogging! Not only does he excel in providing sumptuous recipes to his followers but he also makes sure he experiments too! Fancy a Ferrero Rocher date? Well look no further than Adeel’s instagram!


Nusair Teli

One of the ‘OG’ names of food blogging in Pakistan, Nusair Teli has been at the top of his game since the idea of sharing food experiences over social media has existed! His critique and love for food has been evident in his posts, and we must say, he sure knows how to keep his followers’ hunger satiated!


Ali Rehman

Bringing the best of the Mughal city to the forefront, Ali Rehman makes Lahori food the talk of the town! From finding decadent Nihari that will make you drool to making you want to buy a kilo of Jalebi, this food blogger knows how to make your hunger pangs go away just by looking at this posts!


Murrad Gillani

Another food blogger turned restaurateur, Murrad Gillani is the best kept secret of the culinary world! His gram’ is all about his personal approach to recipes and things he finds amusing, and that makes it an entertaining page to follow. Plus, ever since he’s opened Dezato – a haven for the sweet tooth, we haven’t been able to get our hands off of his amazing desserts!


Osamah Nasir

One of the few names in food blogging, who have used his multimedia skills to his advantage, Osamah Nasir has found massive success over the years. His videos and posts often have his front and centre with the food, and it is this personalised approach that followers have loved! Fancy knowing about the latest and the most unique in cuisine? Then look no further than him!


Have a favourite food blogger? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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