Couple Photoshoot With Their Stoves Has Gone Viral On Twitter & People Have Questions!

Gas and humsafar, dhono naimat hain, but this couple took the notion quite literally and decided to get their photo shoot done in their kitchen:

The picture made it to twitter via comedian Shehzad Ghias and tweeple have been unstoppable ever since!

Aj khanay mei ghalti bani hai 😂

We wanna know too!

Big ones, yo!

Help me, Durdana:

People were jealous!

We’re pretty sure he had a great concept in mind:

Haha, inspired by Gopi bahu:


I guess:

Quite literally!

Gotta show off what we don’t have:

People had way too many questions:

Lmao 😂

People were tagging SSGC 😂


That’s one way to look at it:

What do you think about the photoshoot? Let us know in the comments below!

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