Coke Studio brings Billo back to life in the most iconic way!

Billo is back! The iconic song that defined the 90’s gets a new life as Abrar Ul Haq takes the stage in Episode 2 of #CokeStudio12 and if
you’re a 90s kid, you know it wasn’t just a song, it was a revolution! And Abrar has absolutely nailed th modern rendition!

And the internet is absolutely nostalgic!

The undisputed king!

Abrar ul Haq was definitely way ahead of time!

It bought back the shadi memories for many:

Golden era indeed!

Some shared the little snippets from the original billo and ooof it bought back so many memories!


Every 90s kid’s first rap:

One of our favourite parts too!

Done to perfection:

The song had everyone in the bhangra mood:

Definitely a mood!

People just can’t stop listening to it!

We all know a billo!


We’re ready!

Umm, hello? There is no getting over Billo!

Billo will always live in our hearts!

People were also lauding the backing vocalists:

People were relieved that CS didn’t ruin their childhood favourite:

What do you think about this rendition of Billo? Let us know in the comments below!

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