Chupke Chupke Vs. Suno Chanda: The Debate Is On!

Chupke Chupke has easily become one of the most-watched Ramzan special programs and even we are fully invested in the show!

Looking at the success the show has gotten, people have been comparing it to the iconic Suno Chanda. While both the plays have been penned down by Saima Akram Chaudhry, netizens believe that each drama has a charm of its own! Here’s what the debate is all about:


It’s as simple as this:

People were getting similar vibes from Chupke Chupke:

Couldn’t have said better!

People were sharing their reasons:

Yes, please 🙏

#TeamChupkeChupke gave their reasons for believing in its supremacy:

And while others were busy debating, there were a few who didn’t care much for any of the dramas:

Do you think it’s fair to compare the two? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Nothing beats suno Chanda. It has got a special place in our heart it will never be beaten
    Chupke chupke is good
    But I’m sorry suno chanda was phenomenal

  2. Chupke chupke is amazing…..suno chanda was also good but chupke chupke is funny and great

  3. CHupke chupke – Very entertaining. Talented cast – loved them! Osman, Ayeza, Arslan and Aymen. The two Dhadhos – superb. Its the rendition of the cast – all of them that made this a HIT!

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