Chartered Plane Carrying Celebs To Gwadar Refuses Taking Back Injured ASF Official In The Name Of Privacy & People Want Answers!

Newly inaugurated Gwadar stadium recently hosted its first friendly match between Showbiz Sharks and Gwadar Dolphins that was spectated by several celebrities besides those who were part of the teams including Fakhr e Alam, Ali Zafar, Faysal Qureshi among others.

Shared by journalist Hasan Zaidi, here’s what happened:

And people are demanding answers:

People were hoping that the injured official was well:

People were tagging the celebrities to see what they had to say:

People were in disbelief and hoped the story was not true:

People wanted all the celebrities involved to be named and shamed:

People weren’t surprised:


People were calling them classist goons:

People were appalled:

People were also shocked at the lack of basic healthcare in Gwadar:

While the story hasn’t been confirmed or denied by any of the people involved, we hope the people in question take notice of the situation and respond.

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