Celebrate Eid in Style with Ideas Ready to Wear Eid Collection

The festivities of Eid are a time of pure joy, celebration, and the spirit of togetherness. This festival brings friends and families together, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. While everything about Eid is exciting and beautiful, the Eid shopping spree stands to be the most exciting aspect. The search for the perfect outfit to wear on this particular occasion is something we all look forward to. This year, Ideas is thrilled to make the process easier with their exclusive festive wear for women, designed to make your festive season better than ever!


Discover the Perfect Festive Collection

Ideas Festive collection blends the finest fabric and the art of craft. Each piece is either adorned with intricate embroidery or embellishments, bringing you the ultimate bling for the day. The vibrant designs and patterns reflect Eid’s beautiful, joyous spirit, ensuring you find “The one” fit for your day.


Explore Ideas Range of Stitched Suits

One of the highlights of the Ideas Eid collection is its range of stitched suits. These ready-to-wear outfits are perfect for those who want to skip the hassle of getting their clothes tailored. Here are some of our favorite picks:


Dyed Jacquard Embroidered Shirt (IPS-24-100-1PC)

This elegant embroidered shirt is perfect for those who appreciate intricate detailing. The jacquard fabric adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for Eid gatherings.


Dyed Jacquard Embroidered Shirt (IPS-24-99-1PC)

Another stunning piece from the Ideas collection, this shirt features beautiful embroidery on jacquard fabric. It’s a versatile option that can be dressed up or down for various Eid events.


Dyed Screen Print Cambric Suit (IPS-24-95)

This cambric suit is perfect for those who love vibrant prints. The screen print adds a contemporary touch to traditional Eid wear, making it a standout piece in our collection.


Dyed Cotton Silk Embroidered Shirt (GLS-24-76)

Crafted from luxurious cotton silk, this embroidered shirt is comfortable and stylish. It’s an excellent choice for a sophisticated Eid look.


How to choose your Eid fit

 If you are still deciding what to get for Eid, we have some tips to help you choose. Here are two things to look for in your “Perfect Eid suit”:

  1. Stay aligned with trendy colors! For summer, the vibe should be balanced per the gathering or plans you have for the day.
  2. Choose a fabric that keeps you comfortable throughout the day

Remember, your comfort is key. When you feel at ease, your beauty shines through, making you feel like your best self on this special day! With these three simple tips, you can find your ultimate Eid suit and shine through the day!


Shop the Ready to Wear Eid Collection Today

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your Eid shopping. Visit the Ideas store today or at www.gulahmedshop.com to explore the stitched suits Collection. With a wide range of styles and sizes, you will surely find the perfect outfit for this festive season. Celebrate Eid in style and make unforgettable memories with Ideas.


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