Budget Blown In 17 Days: Netizens Have The Funniest Tips To Survive The Inflation!

Taken aback by the increase in prices for basic necessities like petrol, roti and daals, citizens are trying to re-adjust their budget to survive the month. And comedian Shehzad Ghias, who has probably blown his budget for the month nearly 17 days into it, asked for expert opinion on Twitter:

Needless to say, they haven’t disappointed!

Sounds like a good plan!

Do you know how expensive kafan dafan is?

Elaborate, but at this point we’re down to try anything!


Yo, same!

Ek hi kidney de saktay hain, kitni bar deinge 😭

Lmao, ignore the bill 😂


Eating out really is expensive!

Shots were fired!

Ab nahi toh kab 🤔

10/10 would recommend:

Spot on!

Fitness ki fitness, bachat ki bachat!


Bohat paisa hai bro:


It really has come down to this:

Okay, wow!

All jokes aside, start saving!

What tips do you have to share? Share in the comments below!

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