BJP Leader Says Karachi Will Be A Part Of India Someday & Pakistanis Have The Most Hilarious Replies!


According to reports, Devendra Fadnavis has claimed that Karachi will be a part of India someday. His remark came while he was commenting on a Shiv Sena leader allegedly asking “Karachi Sweets” shop owner in Mumbai to omit the word “Karachi” from the name.

And Pakistanis have the funniest replies!

Zarda bhi?


Biryani bhi khila deinge:

Hospitable Pakistanis were offering them cakes:


Mic drop!

People wanted the same confidence:


Hazaar khwahishein aisi!


Shots were fired!


People found the root issue on changing names to be trivial:

What do you think about the replies? Let us know in the comments below!

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