Birthday Special: 5 Reasons Why We Cannot Stop Loving Aiman & Minal Khan!

Pakistan’s entertainment industry has been lucky to have many siblings test their fate here, with some of them going on to become major sensations! One such sister act to make it bigger than the rest are our favourite birthday girls, Aiman and Minal Khan!

Celebrating their 22nd birthday today, the duo have done many things and have countless of characteristics for which we love them for!

But what are the 5 reasons we adore them the most for? Diva has the lowdown…

They Are Social Media Queens

Boasting some of the highest number of followers on Pakistani Instagram, the sisters have proven there would be no one like them on social media with all that they post!


They Are Entrepreneurial

Launching AnM Closet last year, Aiman and Minal have shown the world that there’s more than just one thing for which you can love them!


They Have Real Love For Each Other!

They say twins are the extension of each other, and these two prove it. They are inseparable and even after Aiman’s marriage, they continue to have an amazing sisterly bond.


They Are True Family Girls

Quintessentially Pakistani in their familial beliefs, Aiman and Minal truly love their family and all its aspects. You’ll always see them in a happy family type situation and that just warms us up!


They Reign Supreme on Television

Both the sisters have a great list of dramas under their belt and they aren’t slowing down any time soon! Be it Baandi or Jalan and Nand, both Aiman and Minal have reigned supreme on television!


What do you love about these two? Tell us in the comment section below!

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  1. They have real love for each other ❤️
    They are truly family girls ❤️
    They have a good dressing sense ❤️
    They are inspiration for us, Ma sha Allah, Ma sha Allah ❤️ ❤️

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