Birthday Special: 5 Reasons Why Masarrat Misbah is the Pioneer of the Beauty Industry

The Pakistani beauty industry has come into its own in a major way, and it is all thanks to the iconic powerhouses who have paved the way for others through their efforts.

one such name amongst them is the one who has changed the face of beauty and women empowerment more than anyone else, by making many women, smile again. Who can it be? No one than the legendary, Masarrat Misbah, of course.

Defining her legacy for the last forty years, Diva celebrates the icon’s birthday with five reasons that make her someone we always look up to!


She Made Hundreds Smile Again

An organisation which has changed the lives of countless survivors of acid attacks in the country, the Smile Again Foundation has been a bastion of hope in Pakistan. They not only rehabilitate the survivors but also teach them various skills in beauty, which end up becoming a way for the women to earn their living.


She Made A Makeup Empire

One of the most renowned names of makeup brands in Pakistan, Masarrat Makeup is as big as it gets in the country. It offers more than seventy products and with its all-halal range, the brand sells like hot cake in the country and there’s no denying that!


She Proved Her Legacy With Depilex

Masarrat and Nighat Misbah are names that the industry can just never forget, and their 40 years in the business are a testament to that. Be it the most iconic names of Lollywood like Babra or Shabnam or the numerous celebrities the Depilex Group has dolled up, there has been no one more iconic for the industry than this!


She Has Reigned Supreme For 40 Years

No one could really prove that salons could grow into mammoths before Masarrat Misbah and Depilex came into the game. No one can deny that there is no other name than hers when it comes to those who changed the whole beauty industry scenario with their entry.


She Is A Team Player

Continuing a legacy with her sister Nighat Misbah, and the next generation with Redah Misbah, the women behind Depilex have proven they are here to stay and will always stick together. After all, how many other beauty brands and salons could boast a bond like theirs?

What do you love about Masarrat Misbah and her legacy? Tell us in the comment section below.

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