Aurat March Islamabad attacked with bricks and stones and people are appalled.

8th March marking the International Women’s Day all around the globe, several Aurat Marches were held all over the country and most of them turned out to be a great success except the one in Islamabad.

People from an opposing party tried hijacking the peaceful aurat march by hurling stones and bricks at the marchers, they also went to the extent of putting red chilli in the marchers’ eyes and things got very ugly in no time. With videos of the march being hijacked surfacing the internet, the netizens were appalled at the situation:

Many were standing with their fellow marchers:

People who were attacked were sharing the horrific details of the attacks:

Everyone’s asking the same question:


No one was spared:

Not all men are trash ❤

People like Osman Khalid Butt had so many questions to ask:

And the difference between the two was clear:

Disgraceful indeed:

Some even captured the perpetrators on video:

People were furious!

Exactly what we are up against:


People were also sharing heart warming stories of how the marchers helped each other:

People were traumatized:

Some were trying to find reasons why it happened:

Some were calling it an act of terrorism:

This is exactly why we need to march every year:

People were lauding the leaders and the police who were trying their best to keep people safe:

But the women did not stop:

People were demanding that the culprits be arrested and held accountable:

An FIR has been registered against the culprits:

What do you think about protestors pelting stones and shoes at the marchers? Let us know in the comments below!

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