Apple unveils iPhone11 and the Internet is roasting it with memes and jokes


Apple finally unveiled their iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro.


And the newest iPhone does have some considerably big changes in terms of design with a triple lens camera at the back, people just aren’t ready for a design change so big:


Science jokes made their way in 😂


Now that is definitely our bank account singing:


Some explained what the 3 cameras were for:




People couldn’t stop trolling apple for messing with the older models:


Even Malala came for apple:


The 3 camera feature had everyone shook:


The crossover we never knew we needed:


We feel ya!




The 3 lens camera had everyone going crazy:


Some thought the design inspiration came from a philips shaver:


The camera design though:


Some were comparing the new design to their boba teas:


Some were happy with the new payment options:






Spidey eyes and the haircut 😂


Some were questioning apple’s descriptions…


Some had questions:


Yes please, cable launch next please?


Irfan Junejo took a subtle dig:


Apple’s new iPhone comes with a built-in fidget spinner:


I mean, it’s still an iPhone though:


I think we all did:




Some thought the inspiration came from the minions:



Well considering the taxes and the dollar rates, somewhere around 250k:


Some thought the new iPhone had a kawaii feel to it and we agree!


Oh, the gullible people!


True that:


Salt bae made an appearance:


Sabar ka phhal meetha hota hai:


People were sharing the future iphones:


With apple admitting to slowing down older iPhones, people had memes for the apple team:


Why u do this?






iPhone toh phir iPhone hi hai na:




And while there were a lot of kidney jokes, people were done with them:


Like I said, people were really done with the kidney jokes:


Ah, the shade!


And some could relate to the design on a very personal level:


What do you think about the new IPhone? Let us know in the comments below!

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