Amna Baig is the coolest, funniest and most passionate cop you’ll ever come across!


When you think of cops, you have a certain stereotype in your mind, but this police officer from Pubjab Police has become our absolute favorite in no time and will change the way you look at cops. From a baker to a police officer and a potential comedian, we’re living for Amna Baig!


First of all, her twitter bio is everything 😂


She is savage!


She shares stories at work in the most hilarious way:


Haha, she worries about bad angles as much as we do!


She also cares for humanity… EVERYONE PLEASE LISTEN TO HER:


She believes in making the world a better place for women:


The way she narrates her everyday work shenanigans is absolutely hilarious!


But like us, she has some downs too!


She has proof that she was meant to be a cop sooner or later, also that song tho:


Even her husband is hilarious, swag check karo bus!


She’s always rooting for her mates:


She’s even had her own Ted Talk and can actually tweet ‘thanks for coming to my ted talk’ after posting all things deep!


Oh yes, SAME!


She has a mom like ours, who worries ‘loug kya kaheinge.’


We’re telling you, you cannot beat this girl’s sense of humor:


She learns something new everyday:


Her meme game too is on point:


She comes up with the greatest captions!

We all love a good pathan discount:


She’s a girl who can do both:


We stan a diva who is determined to bring about a change and has a funny bone! You go, girl!

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