Adnan Sami and Amir Liaquat have been taking major digs at each other and we’re rooting for Aamir Liaquat!

Adnan Sami who gave up his Pakistani nationality to become an Indian has often been criticized by trolls for doing so and Adnan Sami hasn’t stopped taking a dig at Pakistan since then. Recently a fan asked him on his thoughts about Kashmir, to which he replied:


And under that tweet, some brought Abhinandan and his iconic tea incident up, which fired up Adnan Sami:


And that’s where Aamir Liaquat jumped in, he took a brutal dig at Adnan Sami calling him out for giving up his Pakistani nationality and also called him a fool:


To which Adnan Sami replied in a very graphic way… 🤢


But Aamir Liaquat being the savage man he is, came back at him with even more graphic details😖:


And people went crazyyyy!

Insert mind blown gif


People were lauding Aamir Liaquat for a reply so burning!




Aamir’s reply left Adnan Sami lajawaab!


But Aamir was not coming slow, he took another dig at one of Adnan Sami’s now deleted tweet amd honestly, we miss studying science!


Not only did Aamir Liaquat beat Adnan Sami when it came to science but he also beat his followers with his command on hindi:


A man of many talents for sure!


People were praising his eloquence:



Honestly, we’re blown away by Aamir Liaquat and his genius replies! What do you think about this tiff between Adnan Sami and Aamir Liaquat? Let us know in the comments below!

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