A Trip Down Memory Lane


As we celebrate 75 years of our independence our mission for the week was to go through some of the campaigns and pre-hype posts that different brands are uploading on their social media handles for this auspicious day and as we embarked on this search, we struck gold!

The amazing post for Packages Mall was by far the highlight of our quest. A small clip just short of two minutes takesyou on a trip full of nostalgic moments. It talks about the country’s journey of evolution from getting a rough start rightafter independence and then slowly and gradually becoming a key player in the global political system. Pakistan as acountry is a journey full of struggle and progress.

The video uses symbols like children playing with bicycle tires and small rivers eventually progressing to become automobiles and dams in the future. A journey to highlight, the video by Packages Mall wins our hearts and invokes within us the true patriotic spirit. Kudos to both Packages Mall’s Marketing team and their agency M&C Saatchi for their collaborative effort that has made us all emotional and teary-eyed.

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