A revamp process is underway for the 21st Lux Style Awards.

The Lux Style Awards is a respected and admired platform for talent recognition in Pakistan.  As the awards show enters its twenty-first year, the team showrunners are making major changes to the overall process. This has been done while keeping in mind the changing requirements of the entertainment industry.

To begin with, the Viewer’s Choice categories will be tallied on a combination of public rating and digital rating for all categories, in addition to channel rating for TV categories. Secondly, all Viewer’s Choice submissions will be available on LSA’s official portal, www.Luxstyle.pkwww.Luxstyle.pk. This way, voters will be able to vote for the content and artists that managed to surprise them with their work during the past year.

A dark jury will deliberate on the categories for the Critic’s Choice section of the awards. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) will audit the process for Viewer’s and Critic’s choice selection processes. We look forward to a smooth and enjoyable ceremony this year.

The LSAs are set to be held before the end of the year.



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