5 Things We Love About The Jewelry Brand Moushe Designs

Some of the most precious gems have the power to span generations and remain covetable for decades, and Moushe’s designs fit firmly into that exquisite realm. Timeless and traditional but also unique and dynamic, the pieces are meant to be adorned by the modern woman who is courageous in her own independence. One can truly make a statement with minimal decoration that still gives a sense of signature modernity. All of the jewelry brands’ pieces are different from the rest in their layout but they all have one thing in common, they truly help a person express themselves as they are through the versatility of their jewels. These are just a hand full of the reasons this brand has been on our must-have list, that’s why we decided to share our top 5 favorite things about Moushe Designs here:

1. Interchangeable Jewelry: One of the best things about Moushe is its free-flowing aspect which is what makes the brand distinguished from the rest. All the pieces can be worn anytime and anywhere. Optimizing convenience through some extremely fashionable pieces one can arrange, rearrange, mix up, tear down and stack along Moushe Jewelry pieces to maximize their look and every kind of jewel goes perfectly with the next. Moushe is a sandbox of style and accessorizing, encouraging creativity and personalization and that’s why we love it so much!

2. 5 Pillars of Moushe: Moushe functions on five pillars which add character to their designs. Each piece holds a lot of meaning and is an ode to some of these pillars. Primarily the jewelry brand cares about Individuality, the ability to celebrate the individual with all their quirks the eccentricities unabashedly. Next is the power of Playfulness where all jewels celebrate one’s playful side through interchangeability. Thirdly, Femininity celebrates all modern women choosing to live in their element. Moushe celebrates women, stands for equality, and embraces diversity. Since Luxury is the marker for refined jewels, Moushe designs pieces that are tasteful and elegant in every way. The brand presents itself as immaculate but not unreachable. Harmony and acceptance are at the heart of Moushe hence, giving an approachable path into luxury. And finally, Mindfulness because this brand exists in an atmosphere of ‘wokeness’. The planet, conservation, humanitarian, topics, and empowerment are boundaries within which the brand flourishes.

3. A Variety of Collections:

The five Moushe collections include Wheel of Fortune, Bee My Honey, Sserpentine, Celestial Dreams, and Moushe Love. Each of these series holds meaning and a story developed by the creative director. With marvelous structures, colorful designs, and freeflow jewels, this jewelry brand never misses a beat when it comes to staying on top of trends and revolutionizing the way we see jewelry. What’s not to love about a unique selection that is unlike any other?

4. Made with Love: Moushe proposes unorthodox jewelry for the modern individual, created exclusively for those who make an impact the moment they walk into the room. A person whose captivating personality attracts the eyes and ears in any given situation. It is the world of fantasy and creation where quirks blend with eye-catching statement pieces to pave way for the modern consumer who loves to personalize their look and emit a unique aura wherever they go.

Moushe is not your typical conventional jewelry instead it calls out to those in touch with their expressive side through whimsical accessories, who love to reinvent themselves each day, leaving a mark on everyone they meet.

5. The Creative Director’s Vision: The Founder and Creative Director, Nabiha Sabzvari, vision to make this jewelry come alive is evident in how much meaning she gives to each piece. Every necklace bracelet to earring is created with a theme that is both artistic and fashionable at the same time. Though she was based in London, her roots always remained in Pakistan. Since she has always had exposure to the various forms of arts, she chose to add cultural dimensions to her thoughts and creativity when it comes to formulating out-of-the-box ideas. Her intrinsic creative core combined with her business background brought to light an open space for her to express herself. Inspired by nature’s perfection, her execution-style evolves with her need to perfect the creations she sets her heart and mind to. And a determined woman who turns her passion into purpose can convey so much as she shares her gifts with the world.

We love all of Moushe’s jewelry pieces and can’t wait to get our hands on some of the trinkets.

If you want to know more about Moushe click the link below:

Or head over to the Moushe Instagram page: @moushe_designs or search the hashtag #BeYouInEveryWay

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