13 tools everyone should have at their house

Whether you have too many tools or a few, here’s a list of basic tools you need to make sure you always have at home to be prepared for literally anything!

Claw Hammer(s)

Instead of a plain hammer, get a claw hammer for your toolbox. Ideally, 2 hammers would be great, a smaller one and a heavy duty one.

Electric Driver

For drilling and driving screws, a good electric drill/driver is a must in any household. Wired or wireless is your choice.


You never know when you’ll need one, so it’s always a good idea to have a few spare ones just in case.


Turning bolts and hex nuts is no child’s play, which is why investing in a wrench will save you a of time and anxiety.

Screw Driver

Even when you have a power drill, manual screw drivers may come in handy for the simpler tasks like changing out a switch plate or tightening a cabinet knob. Make sure to invest in one that has interchangeable heads.


Using naked hands to check for current is not the greatest choice if you ask me. Invest in a tester to save yourself the trouble.

Measuring Tape

Yeah, sounds kinda meh but trust me, it has tons of uses. Whether it’s measuring for window blinds, rugs, furniture and even the rooms.


Make sure you have all kinds of adhesives readily available at home, hot glue gun, german glue, duct tape, double sided tape, epoxies and everything in between.

Leveling Tool

Installing a new TV onto the wall? Need to drill in nails in the perfect straight line? You won’t regret investing in a leveling tool.


With so many kinds to choose from all you really need for a basic toolbox are medium-sized slip-joint pliers and needle-nose pliers to get you the best of both worlds.

Extension Cords

They’re great for when you’re using your power tools outside the home, but also good for installing that charger close to your side table!

Step Stool

Sure, you can just stand on a chair, but you’ll find a sturdy step stool necessary for everything from changing light bulbs to dusting the cobwebs out of corners to hanging drapery.

Safety Gear

Safety should always come first. Make sure you have safety gloves of different sorts to prtect your hands, goggles if you’re working with material that chips and has sharp edges, masks to protect you from dust and debris and ear buds when you’re using your power tools.

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