10 TVCs by Asim Raza That Made Us Fall in Love With His Creativity!

In a digitised world filled with messages to the brim, there are some things that catch your eye and you want to keep seeing them. One such phenomenon is advertisements. For decades, people have been mesmerised by the art of selling, and today, those who know how to use it smartly are the leaders in the industry.

Exploring this idea, one such leading TVC magician – who has been ruling our hearts for the past two decades – is our very own Asim Raza!

While many know him today for his films like Ho Mann Jahaan and Parey Hut Love, his true passion has remained his commercials and today, Diva looks at the best of his works…


An advertisement full of ‘love’ this Coke ad directed by Asim Raza remains forever memorable thanks to its quirky message!


Tetra Pak

One of the few ads that introduced the common man of Pakistan with the concept of Tetra Pak, this was one of Asim Raza’s memorable TVCs for its concept.


Olper’s – Signature 

An iconic TVC for Olper’s Milk, Asim Raza directed it to perfection with some of the biggest names of the entertainment industry present in the commercial! See how many you can spot!



A true ode to Madam Noor Jehan, this Tarang TVC by Asim Raza remains a classic example of everything the brand stood for with a beautiful twist!


Olper’s – Thematic

A TVC with a heart, Olper’s Milk’s commercial featuring Vaneeza Ahmed and Fawad Khan was all about loving your family and we surely stand by the message!


Lux Soap

A brand new commercial for the post-Lollywood era of Lux, this TVC by Asim Raza was enough to make heads turn thanks to the three beautiful faces featured in the ad!



An iconic ad for an iconic brand, this TVC for Lawrencepur introduced us to the age-old slogans of the company but with a modern twist. Truly a memorable one!



Everybody loves Tuc and everybody loves Fawad Khan too! So, what happens when Asim gets them both of the same platform? Magic!


Q Linq

Featuring Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, this was one of Asim’s most interesting pieces of work thanks to the presence of such a star in the ad!



One of the few directors who made Sprite stand out through its TVCs, Asim Raza’s approach to this fun and quirky ad is quite admirable!


Bonus — National Anthem of Pakistan

No one can ever forget this, and we thought we’ll add it here for nostalgia’s sake!

Which is your favourite TVC by Asim Raza? Tell us in the comment section below.


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