10 times Mehwish Hayat came back at trolls with the most savage comebacks!

While many other celebrities choose to ignore the trolls, Mehwish Hayat makes sure she teaches them a lesson with her savage comebacks, and honestly, we stan this diva for her non-apologetic comebacks!

1. When she came back at Aamir Liaquat for calling her an ‘item girl’

Following the tension between Iran and the US, Mehwish went on to tweet how war is never the answer:

And as the tweet caught attention of many publications, Aamir Liaquat tried throwing shade her way by calling her an ‘item girl’ and dismissing her opinion on war:

And Mehwish proved how having am opinion had absolutely nothing to do with an ‘item girl’

2. When Mehwish taught the trolls that girls run the world!

The same tweet regarding war sparked another troll to think that women have zero knowledge of international affairs:

And Mehwish came hard at him, with facts!

3. When she called out the trolls on the word ‘BOLD’

Stepping into the new year, Mehwish shared how she was ready to take on the year until a man decided to cut in and call her out on her choice of clothes:

And Mehwish being the queen she is, spilled the tea ever so subtly:

4. When she wanted the world to stop using derogatory terms for artists

Sharing her opinion on the issue of rape and rapists, a troll accused all artists of being rapists too by promoting ‘be-hayai:’

And Mehwish was just not okay with the derogatory terms being used:

5. When she added TI to her name on Twitter

Once questioned about the point of adding TI (Tamgha e Imtiaz) to her Twitter name by a follower, Mehwish let the world know how it was now a part of her identity that she was proud of!

6. When she proved having an opinion does not make her anything less

Sharing her opinion on the Musharraf verdict, a troll tried putting Mehwish down by using unacceptable terms:

But Mehwish made sure she taught him a lesson:

7. When she proved she had balls and Tamgha Imtiaz, both!

After her tweet on the Musharraf verdict caught attention, people couldn’t stop throwing shade at her:

And guess what? Mehwish left them speechless!

8. When she proved she had no plans of being bodyshamed

When you’re a celebrity, you’re always scrutinized head to toe, a troll tried body shaming Mehwish on her ‘back’:

And Mehwish turned the tables like the pro she is!

9. When she revealed who was that someone big behind her success

A troll accused Mehwish of sleeping her way to success

And she finally spilled who it was behind her success, winning the internet in every possible way:

10. When she asked questions that mattered!

To say it once and for all, Mehwish had it all summed up for the trolls in one tweet:

What do you think about Mehwish Hayat’s savage comebacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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