10 things you’re probably doing wrong

With so many hack videos and pictures on the internet, everyday is a learning experience. Honestly at this point we’re not even sure if we’re breathing right 😂


This hack to get the salt and pepper out of the shakers literally blew us away, and it works so well!


We didn’t even know there was a right way to cut a mango…

Who knew we’ve been opening up our milk/juices so wrong…

So now you’re gonna tell us that we’ve been using our cutting board wrong?

Yeah well, even I was today-years old when I found out that I’ve been putting my bobby pins the wrong way…


I mean, leave the cupcake alone. The only right way for a cupcake is to be in our tummy!

Okay now this microwave hack is genius!

No one likes their ice cream rock hard! Keeping it in a zip lock bag keeps it soft and cold!

The trouble with ketchup packets is figuring out where to put the ketchup… But this hack just blows our mind away!


Let us know in the comments what hacks blew you away!

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