Usman gets friendzoned, and breaks the Internet

There’s never a dull moment on the internet! A girl named Komal shared the story of her friend Usman who bought her snacks when she was hungry:

And the internet is feeling all sorts of things for Usman!

All the Usmans on the internet:

Some we happy to sleep peacefully:

Usman and his $$$

Not all Usmans are made the same:

Yeh kis line mei agaya main:

Friend-zone is so 2015, Usman-zone is what’s in:

Fellow brothers were sending prayers his way:

Hmmm 👀

Smile Usman:

He was a lesson to many:

Uh oh, run!


Smiling ear to ear:

People were forwarding their requests to Usman:

And of course, the para-gliding meme made an appearance:

50 shades of Usman:

Haye 💔

Sub naam ke dost saalay!

Haha, you go Usman!

Foodpanda’s got the much needed competition now:

Usman’s journey…

Good, apne Usman khud banein:


Laughing so hard!

#TeamUsman all the way!

Allah, humain bhi Usman day!


*mission impossible theme playing in the background:*

Itne mei Usman gold na khareedlay?

Hmm, Usmanda has great service:

Aray aray aray!

Inteha ho gayi intezaar ki:

Do you have a friend like Usman in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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