Unforgettable and Unforgivable – The Top 10 Most Controversial Moments on Pakistani TV!

Spicy, bold and downright outrageous, over the years, Pakistani Television has seen it all! From heated debates to on-air fights, the industry has never been short on drama and it seems, it only gets crazier each day. Whether it’s the thrill of watching your favourite celebrities clash on-screen or the excitement of witnessing a live meltdown, we bet all the viral moments have been etched in everyone’s brains.

But, out of them all, which jaw-dropping Pakistani TV moments can we never forget? Diva reveals…

Veena Malik Blazes The Mufti! 

Right when one thought that Veena Malik couldn’t have gotten any more controversial, she did! Occurring back in the day, when the actress was fresh off the success with popular reality show Bigg Boss and a cover with FHM international where she bared it all, she knew exactly how the country would react. We soon saw her appear on a talk show and as one expected, she was brandished as bringing shame to the nation. Except that, this time, it seemed Veena came all guns blazing! She refused to back down, and the controversy only escalated from there with Mufti Qavi!


Political Decorum, Who?

Despite the fact that Pakistan’s political environment is a cesspool of toxicity, one would still expect some sense of a decorum. But, clearly we were wrong. There have been many fiery exchanges of the political order on TV, but the one between two female politicians, Firdous Ashiq Awan and Kashmala Tariq just went haywire. The two women were on a political talk show when things got heated and the debate turned into a full-blown argument. What happened next was beyond anyone’s imagination!


Firdous Jamal Takes A Dig!

Veteran actors definitely have a lot to say – and sometimes, everyone might just have a problem with that! Firdous Jamal, a veteran Pakistani actor, made headlines when he made some controversial comments about Mahira Khan – who, nobody can deny is one of the top names in the industry! The PTV actor claimed the Maula Jatt lead was anything but ‘heroine material.’ Boy, now that’s a statement no-one – including the host, Faysal Qureshi, expected!


Rishta Aunty Overboard!

Probably one of the most infamous characters to pop up on the Pakistani television screen, the queen of Rishta Aunties, Mrs. Khan really became a name nobody’s going to forget any time soon!  Offering advice on finding a suitable spouse on a TV channel, she border-lined on the absurd, and truly went into an outdated tirade of regressive views on marriage! The hate she got after it was enough to make her remember it for ages to come.


Live-Call Gone Wrong!

Mahira Khan finds her name on our list again, but this time, it’s for a completely different reason! The actress, herself was a guest on a morning show back when she was more of an ingénue, when the host, Faysal Quraishi, suggested they phone a random number as a humorous segment. What happened next was absurd! When the call went through, Mahira thought she’d find a fan on the other side. Let’s just say, she’s never been more wrong.


Qandeel Baloch – An Enigma

The slain Qandeel Baloch, a controversial social media personality, made headlines for many reasons. But, before she was murdered by her own brother in an honour-killing, she was also socially lambasted again and again by media personnel! One such name was also Mubasher Luqman’s. The host had her on his show days before her demise, and once again, she had to face the infamous Mufti Qavi, who targeted her. She fought back, creating one of the most nail-biting moments on TV!


The Rawalpindi Express – Derailed

Shoaib Akhtar and controversy go hand in hand, but nobody thought he’d be on the receiving end of things too some day. The former Pakistani cricketer, found himself in the middle of a spat when he inadvertently walked into an on-air argument with host, Dr. Nauman Niaz. The argument began over a cricket match, and the host clearly, did not care for Akhtar’s opinions. Things took a turn when the Rawalpindi Express announced he’s going to resign as an analyst – live on air! The host later apologised but hardly to any avail.


Sami Khan Insulted!

There’s crude humour and then there’s plain vitriol. Popular actor, Sami Khan, unfortunately became a target of the latter. Appearing on Fahad Mustafa’s show, the actor was put through hell when a supposedly ‘funny’ segment with Comedian Sheikh Qasim insinuated that Khan’s films were unsuccessful and that he’s a flop actor. The way the actor handled it was so classy, but the segment? So crassy!


Misogyny Unleashed

A good writer doesn’t necessarily equate to somebody with all the right answers, does it? That’s what we’ve understood after hearing the things popular writer, Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar has to say! But, nothing he has said has been worse than his heated argument with analyst Marvi Sirmed on a talk show! The argument began when Sirmed challenged Qamar’s views on women’s rights and feminism, which led to a shouting match between the two, which was enough to make anybody’s jaw drop!


The Nikkahnama Hunt

Finally, we have Maya Khan’s infamous absurdity, packaged to everyone as entertainment. The morning show host decided it would be great to ‘expose’ unmarried couples by searching for them in public parks. But, it soon turned into a vigilante mob of media personnel who ran after people asking for their Nikkahnama! The segment rightfully sparked outrage on social media, with many people calling out the former choreographer for violating people’s privacy and promoting a culture of surveillance and harassment. Judge her for yourself!

Which moment gave you the most second-hand embarrassment? Tell us in the comment section below!

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