Trump Wants To ‘Stop The Count,’ & Pakistanis Have The Most Hilarious Situations Responding To His Meltdown!

Being one of the most historic elections in the US, the votes are still being counted and results being updated every few minutes. With a minor difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the world’s patiently waiting for the results, Trump, on the other hand does not seem too patient:

As Trump demanded the votes to be stopped from being counted, Pakistanis have received the phrase very well, relating it to the most hilarious situations!

Sorry Ami, Abu 😔

Nahi toh:

Ab toh dard bhi nai hota:

Been there!

Are you that friend too?


Football fans were having a blast:

You’re gonna make her broke:

So apt!


Us when it comes to Urdu ginti after 30:

Surprise surprise:

Trump ko dhilaasay:

People were having way too much fun!

Suggestions were pouring in:

What situations do you find the phrase fits accurately? Let us know in the comments below!

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