This Hair Transplant Salon Is Using Elon Musk To Promote Their Business & We’re Screaming!

You can’t beat us when it comes to photoshopping, from our Tiktok influencers to hair salons, we’re killing it!

And in an attempt to promote the hair loss treatments, a salon photoshopped Elon Musk with luscious hair to an almost bald Elon Musk:

And the internet just can’t stop laughing!

People were living for the results!

We will always surprise you!

There were guaranteed customers!

Same 😭

People couldn’t helpding the creativity:

Some were concerned about Elon Musk’s mental health:

See 🤷‍♀️

People couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

Some were waiting for a law suit:


Hmm, is this a part of the secret deal?

What do you think about this hair salon? Let us know in the comments below!

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