This guy tried to come at Saba Qamar but people stood up in her defence with savage replies


It’s 2019 and some woke Muslim brothers still think its okay to shame others for their choices. This guy Junaid Aziz who claims to be our ‘daddy’ posted a gorgeous picture of Saba Qamar questioning twitter if this was the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:


And he was joined by a few more:


Bus her baat mei maa behen lay aao:


And the twitterati came to her defense in no time, with replies so savage they’ll make you chuckle!


People explained to him who she was:


Questions we should be asking:


Honestly, even we don’t know when:




The truth was spoken:


The sarcasm here!


Many showed him what he was mistaking Saba Qamar for:


Exactly, all hail to the queen!




Haha, halal tharak!


People were rooting for her and her right to wear whatever she wants:


Some pointed out the sad realities and the issues that we need to talk about:


Well, he ain’t wrong:


Umm, okay:


Some called him out on his hypocrisy:


We’ll never know!


People were all for her:


Many came at him asking him to worry about his own self:


Some reminded him that she was a lady:


Ours too!


Oye hoye!




What do you think about Saba’s latest photoshoot? Doesn’t she look ethereal? Let us know in the comments below!

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