This guy thinks men shouldn’t be asked these questions and the internet is up for debate!

In a society where marriage is seen as the ultimate goal of one’s life, people have a ton of questions for both men and women when it comes to the rishta meet ups. And believe it or not, but we’ve heard the craziest rishta meeting stories with the most absurd questions being thrown around.

And while it’s true that women are subjected to way more judgement than men, this guy thinks that men too shouldn’t be asked certain questions when being considered for marriage:

And the internet is up for a debate!

Some thought there was nothing wrong in asking these questions:

Some were sharing the actual questions that need to be asked:

Many wanted to know if he’d skip the questions when looking for a guy for his own sister:

Many were of the opinion that men are seen as poverty eradication systems by their own parents:

Some shared how women too face similar problems:

Many blamed patriarchy for it:

Many thought that if women were treated equally as men at home and their workplace, they wouldn’t have to rely on men:

Some answered him why these questions are important:

Many found the question to be fair:


Many wanted parents to be more considerate:

Baat toh sach hai:

Many considered these questions to be vital:

Some had very wise solutions to offer:

Some were of the opinion that both the genders should be spared from judgement:

Many agreed how women face so much more discrimination:

Some agreed how both men and women need to fight this culture together:

Some believed one shouldn’t get married if they can’t provide for their partner:

Some thought sugar daddies were the solution:

Some schooled him how he should quit playing the victim:

Some came back at him with memes:

Some thought the tweet was a joke:

Many agreed how this needed to end:

What do you think about these questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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