This Girl’s Story On How Her Father Raised His Family Single Handedly Is The Best Thing You’ll Read Today!

Parents are irreplaceable, no one can love you like them. Taking to twitter, a girl shared how her father single-handedly took care of his children, two of them being special, with utmost love and care!

She then revealed how people used to discourage him all the time, but he didn’t pay attention to them:

She shared how none of it was ever easy:

She then continues to share how the pain of his specially-abled children still haunts him:

How the son he thought to be his right arm, was fully dependant on his support instead:

He often finds himself worrying thinking what would happen to his children after he’s gone:

He’s a hero who trusts his God blindly and knows He’ll take care of his children and ease their pain:

With that she adds how people should take her story as a lesson in trying times:

She further adds how most of us take these things for granted rather than taking them as blessings:

And her story has people lauding her dad for being the hero that he is:



People were calling him a super dad, and rightly so!

People were sending love and prayers her way:

Many agreed how we can only aspire to be like him:

Most definitely a king!

Isn’t this the best thing you’ve read today? Let us know in the comments below!

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