The Ultimate Eid-ul-Fitr Showdown: Money Back Guarantee VS Daadal!

With Eid-ul-Fitr just around the corner, Pakistani cinemas are gearing up for a major showdown between two highly anticipated films once again. Like most Eid releases over the year, the competition is tough over who gets more cine-goers into their team. But like always, it’s going to be a neck to neck competition!

This year, while there are actually 4 releases, there are only 2 which are mainstream banners – Money Back Guarantee and Daadal. Both movies boast stellar casts, intriguing storylines, and have generated considerable hype in the months leading up to their release.

But, who ultimately might win? Diva takes a closer look…


Money Back Guarantee – A Political Satire That Hits Close to Home

Directed by Faisal Qureshi, Money Back Guarantee has been in the works for quite some time, and the film’s trailer has already generated quite a buzz. And why would it not? We still live in a world where just the name Fawad Khan usually means success! Plus, riding on the success of Maula Jatt, lightening might just strike twice! Starring Fawad Khan, Kiran Malik, Ali Safina, Hina Dilpazeer, Jawed Sheikh, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Gohar Rasheed, Mani, Ayesha Omar, and the legendary cricketer Wasim Akram, the film boasts a star-studded ensemble cast.



Firstly, the film’s storyline is a timely and relevant political satire that highlights the flaws and follies of the Pakistani political landscape. Adding to that, the ensemble cast is a powerhouse of talent, and their performances are expected to be one of the main highlights of the film. And to top it all off, with a director like Faisal Qureshi at the helm, audiences can expect a high level of quality in terms of production values, cinematography, and storytelling – because we do know his experience as an actor and comedian definitely brings in tons of experience.



While the political satire genre has produced some critically acclaimed films in the past, it can also be a double-edged sword! If not executed properly, the humor and satire can come across as heavy-handed and may not resonate with audiences. If that still is dealt with, the fact that it has such a large cast, could bring a risk that some of the characters may not be fully developed, and the film may feel overcrowded.


Daadal – A Tale of Revenge, Redemption, and Female Empowerment

Daadal, on the other hand, promises to be an action-packed drama that tells the story of a female boxer from Lyari who becomes a contract killer to avenge her sister’s honor! It’s set against a dark underbelly of society, and usually such films tend to be critically-acclaimed! One could think that with a cast starring Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbas Haider in lead roles, it might just be the underdog hit.



To start it off, Daadal has the potential to be a groundbreaking film that showcases the strength and resilience of women, particularly those from marginalized communities. Secondly, we all by now know that Sonya Hussyn is a versatile actor who has proved her mettle in a variety of roles, and her performance in Daadal is expected to be no exception! To add to all of it, we do think that the film’s storyline is gripping and has all the elements of a classic revenge drama! All of these things might just become the perfect ingredients for a hit!



While the film has potential, we must agree that revenge dramas are a dime a dozen in Pakistani cinema, and the genre has been done to death. Daadal will need to offer something fresh and innovative to stand out. On the other hand, while Mohsin Abbas Haider is a talented actor, his role in Daadal is a but murky, and there is a risk that he may be overshadowed by Sonya Hussyn’s powerhouse performance – which may not really be a con, but could mean that the film doesn’t have a strong enough balance in its actors!

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While both Money Back Guarantee and Daadal have the potential to be hit films and attract audiences to cinemas this Eid-ul-Fitr, only time will tell which film comes out on top in this much-anticipated clash of the titans!


Which one would you watch? Tell us in the comment section below!

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