The netizens are giving you a hundred reasons tahkay ap faasla rakhein!

As the famous truck quote goes, faasla rakhein warna pyar ho jayega, the netizens are taking inspiration from it and giving you a hundred reasons to save you from heart break. And their reasons are absolutely apt!

Bari jaldi yaad agaya:

Yeh attachment wali game bhi na:

‘I feel like we’re not on the same page:’

Tey fir ishq vi na kareya karo caste se bahar:

Platonic relationships, eh?


Now that was smooooooth:

Jo baat hai:

Truth bombs were dropped:

Priorities, priorities:

Haaaye 💔

Sorry bro, Canadian nationality>>>

‘It’s not you, its me:’



‘We’ve lost the spark:’

Oof, these breaks!

Baat toh sach hai:

Applies to both people in the heart and people on the road 😂

Oh bhai:

Bus wohi toh rakhna nai ata:

Yeh dekho zara:

‘I’m doing this for us and our better future babe:’

Yar 😭

Yeh bhi theek hai:

1 lakh*, but okay:

Oye hoye, sakht laundi:

Confidence ho toh aisa:

The truth and only the truth:

The amount of times I’ve seen this happen 😂

Koi sharam hoti hai, koi haya hoti hai:

Dehaan rakhein please:

Are you convinced yet? Rakheinge faasla? Let us know in the comments below!

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